July 31, 2007

Our presses!

Here they are. Heidelberg and C&P. They are still at the original location in downtown L.A., with our friend Davy! He taught us so much about the presses, and hopefully will continue to do so even after we move to our new location... keep on rockin' Davy!!!


  1. beautiful presses...can't wait to meet them...i wish i had such an obviously cool teacher!

  2. can't wait for you to meet them either! Hopefully we'll have more on Davy. -- s

  3. dude-
    your new studio is a dream!
    i want one--
    i am intimidated by your press.

  4. jen&alf - we hope you&alf can visit us again soon! the presses are a little intimidating for me too.. that is why mr. is charge of printing!!! ha --s

  5. This blue car looks exactly like the car we have in Italy Were you guys following us?

  6. yes we were. we're following you right now.


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