November 16, 2008


It was a very smokey day in l.a. today, due to
multiple fires burning in l.a. and o.c...
So smokey, you could barely see a few miles ahead.

It looked like the dusk even though it was the middle of the day
when we went to the shrine auditorium to check out

There were so many wonderful vendors, and here are
just a few of them - mostly fellow printers!
Elinor over at Krank Press. She has a wonderful
blog as well.

Nice folks of Poketo!! We love their cool designy
shirts and stuff!!!

Tina of Joie Studio, who worked her
butt off to prepare for feltclub. Beautiful new
stuff! And thanks for the tip on press wash!!

Amazing calendar and cards at Flora and Fauna Press.

Simply beautiful cards from Papered Together.
Hope you have a safe trip back Krista!

.. Ken scored a wonderwoman t-shirt!

Then we headed back into the smokey air.

some of our loot!!

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