May 26, 2009

stationery show 2

One of the fun things about the stationery show is getting
to make new friends, and catching up with the old ones...

Our show neighbors Greg and Maria of Fusion Designs.
Thanks for making us laugh.  Hi to Lee!

The across the isle neighbor, Lowry of Joobli.
Thanks for letting us shrink our Dinks!! We loved it.

The Dutch Door Press girls had a really great booth with
many beautifully designed & printed cards.
Ken scored their give-away tea towel!!

It was great talking shop with the Copper Willow
girls, Leora and Jill!

We had fun chatting a bit with Anna of Sub Studio.
We love their new large format prints!!  Also it was a treat to
peek through their wedding book and see their cool designs.  

We connected with Mable and Christen of Dee & Lala.
They are fellow Angelenos.  Mable is a walking rolladex of
information and contacts for letterpress stuff.

Also of L.A., Tianyi of Tiselle.  It was great catching up!
It seems that we only see each other in NY, even though we 
both are in LA...

It's always a good time hanging out with Brad and crew
of Maginating.  Brad does some of the nicest, tight register
letterpress work we've ever seen.  And his designs are fresh
and super cute too!

It's always a delight to catch up with Olga of
Offensive + Delightful.  If you've never seen her
stuff, you really should check out her website.
She pulls no punches, and says it like it is.

Believe it or not, we went through many shots to reach
the magic found in this one.  Hal and Carrie of Red Cap Cards
are always a blast to hang out with.

Alan and Jennifer are the resourceful & creative duo 
of Night Owl Paper Goods.  We always love checking in
with them, and seeing their beautiful stuff!

And last but definitely not least, Brandon of Blue Barn House.
He writes some of the funniest, most memorable lines for
his cards - and now they're making t-shirts too!
(Thanks beer fairy!!)


  1. That will have to change! Brad and I were saying that all us LA printing peeps need to get together soon- after we settle back in from the crazy whirlwind of fulfilling orders!

    Congrats on another awesome show!!

  2. hello fugu fugu press! i just read about you on black*eiffel and was delighted to learn you are based in pasadena/altadena! i live in pasadena too! how fun, small world. i love your cards -- i even blogged about one of your mother's day cards here:

    ...and didn't even know we were practically neighbors! keep up all the great work [and thanks for the great recaps from nss] -- i'm adding you to my blog roll and can't wait to see what else you do.


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