May 3, 2009

unique l.a.

This weekend I went to the Unique Los Angeles craft show
in downtown l.a. There were so many people there
and lots to see! Here are some pics:

Fellow letterperssers Michelle from Blue Note Press and Tina from
Joie Studio. It was nice meeting you Michelle!
Thank you again Tina for putting me on the list!

Also a fellow letterpresser, Carrie and her husband Wally
from Anemone Letterpress. Her cards and the wedding invitation
designs are sooo beautiful. We had heard about them from our
friend Sage, with whom Wally is in a band, but had never
actually met them/seen their stuff.
It was nice to finally meet you two!

We've expressed our love for things made with felt here
before.. and here are some more!! Graf & Lantz
makes beautiful handcrafted handbags, baskets,
pillows... all out of thick, colorful felt. I wanted them all.

This is what I could afford.
And they are great!!
It was nice to meet you Daniel-san, and can't wait

to see your booth at the furniture show!

1 comment:

  1. Shino,

    It was soooo nice to meet you, too! I can't wait to come by and visit some time. Hope the NSS is a HUGE success for you both!


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