November 10, 2009

holiday open studio sale 09

we had a GREAT time this past Sunday at our Holiday Sale!!
BIG THANKS to all of you who came (some of you had a
long drive!!). And super big thanks to alex&john,
alissa, catharine, and kimiko&louis for helping making
this happen. You guys are awesome!!
AAND super duper big thanks to Mike Bolger,
Maria, Josh, and Randall for providing the music.
Honestly, we couldn't ask for a better combination of
people/weather/music. We'll do this again
next year for sure!!

bruno hanging out next to kimiko's pillows
(and between two cool chairs!)

zach and charysse with their beautiful twin babies..
wish we could talk to you more!!!

doug and rhonda chilling

oh mama!!! maria never fails to entertain the crowd,
even with a baby strapped to her!!!

And last but not least, thank you so much to Charissa
for sending us the great photos used in this blog!
You can check out her fun blog about gift wrapping here.


  1. I'm glad the event turned out so well! I'm happy to hear it will happen again. I have my cards all lined up to use and am looking forward to sending them off when the time comes!


  2. Ken & Shino,
    Just saw our pic on your blog. We had so much fun that day and wish we could have chatted more too. We'll try and drop by your shop some day soon...Charysse & Zach


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