April 15, 2010

taco station

Finally something is opening up in the little hut next to our printshop. So excited!! They opened for one day a couple of weeks ago just for a trial, and it seemed to have gone really well. The grand opening is this Friday. I will be there for sure...

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  1. That's great news. I would be just as excited in the same situation. It's nice to have neighbors and a bit of activity in the vicinity.

  2. The taco joint has been super busy ever since they opened! I think everybody in the neighborhood came to check it out. It's nice indeed to have some activity right next to us!!

  3. Yes! We totally noticed this. Haven't been but it's on our list of things to check out. So glad that it's been busy; there seem to be people there every time we drive by & it's open!

    Do you a have any recommendations? : )



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