October 4, 2010

abbot kinney festival

so the next day after the printer's fair was abbot kinney festival
in venice, ca. we shared a booth with our friends ribbit stopit.
Here are the wives making some money:

... and here are the husbands getting along real well.

It was unusually hot day for the little beach town, but people
showed up in droves
. Here's one of many cute doggies we saw, along
with one of many shirtless humans we saw.

dancers doing their thing.

We went to visit Mable & Christen at Dee & Lala booth, and saw that
they had shared a booth with Lulu Dee. Her cards and prints are
super retro and totally beautiful. The display was just
perfect as well.

It was hot but fun day. We got to see some cool stuff and eat some good foods from
the many food stands/trucks that were there! Thank you so much to everyone who
came to our booth. And thank you Connie and Chris for coming to say hi!!


dreaming of sushi and beer.

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