December 30, 2010

japan trip '10

I've been meaning to post the photos from our Japan trip over the
Thanksgiving.. it's been a crazy busy month! Unfortunately, many of photos were
lost due to computer issues, but here are some that survived.

we had to go and check out the only place that sells our cards in
Japan.. no not Bulgari..

No interior shots, but we spent quite a long time there
looking at all the cool stuff.

we flew to Oita-ken, where my dad is from. The place is
famous for its Shochu. mmm... we grabbed a couple of bottles.

the town of Yufuin.

one of the reasons of our visit - to pay respect to our ancestors.

Usa Jingu - one of the oldest shrines in Japan.
gotta have the sweet hot sake outside the shrine.
at the inn. happy ken.

aaand of course the food was amazing where ever we went.

it was a crazy trip, we took four plane rides within Japan to go to
Sapporo, Oita, then back to Tokyo, but we had an amazing time.
Thank you otosan and okasan!!!!

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