April 5, 2011

design process

I have been asked a couple of times before about my design
process, so here is an example.
This is a case where I scan the actual drawing, as opposed to
doing the whole thing in Illustrator.

I draw the idea on a paper.

Then scan it into Photoshop. Using the magic wand, I select the
lines, convert selection into points, then export to Illustrator.
There's probably a better way to do this but I only know this way.

In Illustrator, I manipulate the image.

The final design. Sorry about the fuzzy image. I don't know why I took a photo of the desktop, when I could just saved the desktop image using the image capture thing.
Anyway, from this, I will send the files to be made into
polymer plates. We'll be printing the actual card soon...


  1. Have you tried the live trace function in illustrator? You could skip using photoshop then and start right in illustrator after scanning the image.

  2. oooh that sounds fancy. i will definitely try it!
    thank you!!


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