May 22, 2011

nss 2011

ok finally a recap of the Stationery Show. Here are some of
awesome stuff we saw.

Fantastic new line by Carolyn Suzuki.

We had great neighbors again. Not only great with helping our
days go by quicker by goofing around, but also very talented.
Sadly we couldn't find any pics of our next door neighbor
Banquet Atelier & Workshop :( .. but they got great blog coverage here.

Super cute and talented sisters of Fawnsberg next door on the other side.
Their letter sheet sets are amazing, and the hand-carved sign is just

Bright and friendly Nicole of nic studio across the way.
Kimberly also across the way makes colorful and playful Miximals cards.

... and of course, there were lots of familiar faces we loved seeing.
wish we could hang out with all these people more.

see you guys again next year (or sooner)!

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