May 9, 2011

unique la spring '11

we had a great time at Unique LA this past weekend.
BIG THANKS to everyone who came to our booth!!!

Once again we shared a booth with Alex and her husband John.
Love their new walnut animals. Scored the doggie. yeah

And here are some highlights of other venders.
Wolfum, aka Annabel and Brendan. - these pillows are just a tiny little
part of the big amazing collection they create.

Two Hand Design. She makes all these on her table top
press. Nice meeting you Victoria!!

Amazing screen printed pillows and cards by Erin.

Small Adventure. I love her drawings and animal paintings. So good.
Both of these girls (Erin and Keiko) are so freaking inspiring.

Pretty purses and wallets by Yellow Wallpaper Handmade.
Handmade by one talented person.

It was fun seeing the familiar faces of our friends and catching up
Design...). See you guys at the next show!!


  1. Thank you for including Erin and I in your post! Good luck at the National Stationery Show! Someday I hope to be able to exhibit there. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas cards during the holidays. Nice to see you and the Ribbit Stopit folks at Unique LA!

  2. It was great seeing you two as well!! Please drop me an email and come by the printshop when you get a chance! :)

  3. Such beautiful things! Hope it was a great show for you. And hope the NSS is going well, too!

  4. Thank you Eva! It's going well but I'm glad it's almost over I have to say :)
    it's weird not seeing you guys and some other friendly faces!!!


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