January 25, 2012

unique la

oh my freaking goodness.
It has been almost TWO MONTHS since Unique LA holiday event,
but it's been such a crazy couple of months for us, that i went temporarily
insane (ken can attest to this), and just now coming back to real world.

It was an amazing event, so many people came and said hi,
including him. BIG THANKS to all of you!!!
Here are some pics... sorry it's not as fresh now.. aahgh
our booth!
and our always fantastic booth mate, Ribbit Stopit :)
..and their cool new chest prototype!!
Wally with his cool shirt. and Carrie's beautifully designed and printed
cards. Can't wait for your new website!!!
Ms. Emmie fomato herself. didn't get a clear shot of her pretty self. dang
I think the man next to her is checking her out...
The fantastic Lulu Dee. I am such a fan!!!! so good.
Great calligraphy stamps by Paper Pastries.
Fabulous designs by Ash. Oh I remember when he was
just a young kid.. ha!
And of course, cutest thing at the whole event :)
I will do a next blog sooner. I promise.

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