May 23, 2010

new york stationery show '10 pt.2

One of the things we love about the stationery show is
the fact that it's in NY! This time around, got to stay
with the wonderful Steens. Ken and Scott go way back...
back when they both had hair.

Scott is an amazing trumpet player, and he is currently
performing in the Cirque du Soleil show "Banana Shpeel".

.. and we got to go to the premier of the show!! woohoo!!
Thank you Scott for scoring us the tickets!!!

... and after the show, which was incredible and funny as heck,
we got to go to the party. woooohooooo!!

dudes in make up handing out mac&cheese from
inside the cage.
me stuffing my face with sushi which the fisherman guy
'fished' for me.
more buff dudes handing out food.

.. and sometimes you end up in a cage. we had a little too much
fun that evening, I was definitely paying for it the next day.
Thank you so much again Scott!!

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