May 25, 2010

new york stationery show pt.3

After the stationery show, we stayed in town for a few days
and got to see our friends Jen & Joaquin, their adorable son Omar,
and our favorite chihuahua Alfie.

We also got to visit the gallery owned by Lee & Greg,
our booth neighbors at the stationery show.
Inside the gallery - Lee's drawings, paintings, and sculptures.

The cards are displayed so neatly. Greg and
Ken behind the counter.
Lee's jewelry.
Yes he can do it all.
Their sweet shiba Wasabi.

We went out to lunch with Lowry, another booth neighbor
who sells Shrinky Dinks. We kept each other from being bored
during the slow times at the show, and became secret BFF's
(as Greg likes to refer to us) by the end of the show.
It was so much fun hanging out with you guys!!! The time seemed
to go by so fast. We'll see you again soon!!

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