June 26, 2011

dwell on design '11

so being a subscriber of dwell and fans of dwelly things,
we had to go and check out dwell on design.

One of the first things that we saw there was Brendan's chicken coop
(Here he is last year). Brendan wasn't there so Ken decided to be in the
picture instead.

Terri Planty terrerium.
Seeing more ping pong related stuff around lately.

A bunch of well dressed people looking into toilets. I could put a
silly caption here, like 'wow, look at the size of that one!', but
I won't, because I'm polite.

Nice wooden cabinet to store more wood.

Cute monkey dude and pillows at Bobby Berk Home booth.

Maybe if we keep blogging about these Caleb Siemon lamps,
they'll give us one.

Art performance/benefit

Fleet ceramics.

We also met a super nice girl at Maude Press table.
It was great talking to you Amanda! Thanks for all the info!!

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