June 27, 2011


Speaking of Dwelly things, we also read and drool all over

So in our low budget way, we've been slooowly acquiring things
here and there to make our place more dwelly... at least in our minds.
This is very vain and self-indulgent. I know. So I would skip this post
entirely if I were you. We hate that 'things' make us as happy
as they do. but they do. sadly. so here we go.

We found these Dear Deer wall hooks during our last trip
to Japan and couldn't resist. They reminded us of our dog.

We've been wanting to do this "cactus garden in a big shallow pot" thing
forever, but couldn't find the right bowl anywhere, until we asked our
landscape designer friend Gavi - she sent us to Rolling Greens in
Culver City and there it was. Ken modified it a bit with some
concrete or something so it has a smooth rim.

Bullet planter from dwr. I think I got it for Ken as a Valentine's
day gift. The snake plant (Sansevieria) seemed to us like a
good fit. He drilled a drainage hole in the bottom.

Yeah yeah, of course the Nelson bubble lamp. It was a splurge.
Bought during their lighting sale at Room & Board.

Got these big soft pillows in felty material from Unison at Dwell
on Design over the weekend. Been looking for something like
that so I am super happy. Using it right now.
The knock-off Barcelona chair was a payment for a shoot that our
friend did at our place. I guess we take payments in furniture.

Teak dwr table and the knock-off eames chairs are both
craigslist finds. The big crazy ass palms in the backround (known to
some as "Kentia" or "Howea" palms, says Ken) are generous gifts from
some of Ken's students who moved away.
Oh and the edison bulbs.

Ok I'll stop now.

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