October 3, 2011

LA Printer's Fair 2011

So here are more pics from the Printer's Fair.

These colorful signs spelled out with giant printed letters
were everywhere at the fair. So cheerful.

Love seeing our friends, especially just across the isle :)
Hi Brad!

Hi Carrie!
Madeleine looking very cool giving demos.
Sharon has the cutest cards.
my snack. green tea cream filled oreo sticks, and green tea.

Just Vandy. Cool new-to-me line.
Love these super retro inspired cards by Sixpenny Press.

So I just watched Bill Cunningham New York.
There were girls in cute clothes. I had a camera.
the cutest

Here are my loot. Jill K's awesome pop up card.

cute happy bear dude by Anemone Letterpess.
..and the Sixpenny press cards. yay!
It was a super fun day. Thank you SO much everyone who came
to see me!! It was talking to you guys.
See you at the next event!!!

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