November 7, 2011

Open Studio!

Fugu Fugu Press Open Studio 2011!

Dear Rain,

Thank you for not spoiling our Open Studio event. Thank you for stopping promptly at 11:00am and starting back up again right at 4:45pm, just as we were wrapping things up for the day. We know. We owe you a big one.

ken and shino.


Whew... we had a close one this year! Whenever one plans something outside in November, one takes a risk with rain. We so lucked out this time around! Thanks SO MUCH to all our vendors for showing up even though the forecast called for one rainy, gloomy, yucky day. The faith paid off! We ended up with a nice day with mostly just fluffy clouds and enough sun to warm everybody up and lift our spirits...

As in the past, we were glad to have our crafty compadres there showing off their amazing stuff. RibitStopit showed off their fancy wares for the kids...

Alissa with jewelry and wishing rocks...


Kimiko's designs...

And there were lots of snacks, and printing demos, and folks wanderin' about..

And lots of little ones...

And, of course, doggies...

We were really glad to have great music. Our friends Pam and Robert were visiting and treated us to some delightful Brazilian choros and gypsy swing to get things started.

Richard, Clarence, Geoff and Mark picked it up from them and kept us swingin' throughout the afternoon.

Our friend Scott Steen had his trumpet handy and sat in on a coupla' tunes..

And of course, I had to sit in on a couple of tunes too...

And while we wandered about, we were really glad to have our friend Carlie ringing people up and holding down the fort for us..

Thanks to everybody for showed up and helped us have such a great day!


  1. Looks like so much fun! Wish I had been in town for the festivities. :)

  2. It turned out to be fun, but I was pretty stressed out all week about the weather! :) shino


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